Ohio Horseshoe Newsletter - Fall 2017
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Volume 19, Issue 2 - Fall 2017
Amy Miller, Editor
2018 NHPA Sanctioned Cards are
available for purchase!! 
Membership is now $38.00
Upcoming 2017 Sanctioned Tournaments
36‐17‐047 Nov 4th -- Sarbaughs Indoor Courts , Try County Horseshoe Pitchers Association, 6255 Adamsville Otsego Rd, Adamsville, OH 43802; Larry Shaw 740‐801‐1401; Julia Shaw 740‐260‐2688 Deadline Oct 29th *$28.00 scorekeeping included

36‐17‐048 Nov 4th -- Fall Festival , Allen Co Horseshoe Club, 1815 C St, Lima 45804; Dwain Klink 419‐235‐3677 Deadline Oct 29th $20.00

36‐17‐049 Dec 2nd‐3rd -- Doug Crawford Classic , Hardin Co Horseshoe Club, Fairgrounds, 14134 County Road 140, Kenton 43326; Doug Crawford 419‐634‐6105 Deadline Nov 26th $20.00

36‐17‐050 Dec 9th -- Sarbaughs Indoor Courts , Try County Horseshoe Pitchers Association, 6255 Adamsville Otsego Rd, Adamsville, OH 43802; Larry Shaw 740‐801‐1401; Julia Shaw 740‐260‐2688 Deadline Dec 3rd *28.00 scorekeeping included

2018 Tournament Schedule Coming Soon....
President's Message
Gary B. Roberts

It is an honor to continue as President of the Ohio Horseshoe Pitcher’s Association. Ohio has a great tradition of being one of the largest and most productive charters in the NHPA. However, in recent years, our membership has declined. Addressing membership on state and national levels must be the priority for the OHPA and the NHPA. If it were not for our hard working league and tournament directors, our membership would be lower. We owe a debt of gratitude to these folks.

At the 2017 NHPA Convention, delegates voted overwhelmingly to increase National dues from $17 to $25. Ohio dues have not been increased. When you purchase your 2018 membership, the cost will increase from $30 to $38. This may seem counter to the goal of increasing membership but the delegates recognized the necessity of the first increase since 2009. Many factors contributed to the increase. In addition to normal inflationary increases in costs, the need for technology improvements is essential. For example, HS Master must be completely revamped or it will no longer be usable. This will cost money. Also, members are rightfully clamoring for a more robust website to promote our sport. Many people want us to increase and improve the webcam coverage at the World Tournament.

I officially became the 1 st Vice President of the NHPA as of January, 2017. My duties are many; however, rules and bylaws interpretation and development is the most important duty. Another area of importance is sponsorship. I will be forming a committee to address this. Future success of our sport makes sponsorship a necessity. I would like to remind everyone that 2018 is the year for rules changes. If you think a rule needs clarified or amended, you must submit the proposed rule change to me no later than November 30 th , 2017. The Rules Committee will decide whether to submit the proposed rule for consideration by the delegates at the 2018 NHPA Convention.

I would like to thank all of our OHPA officers for their continued dedication to make our sport successful. Amy Miller continues to do a fantastic job as Secretary/Treasurer and editor of our Newsletter.

As many of you know, Dick Guill has stepped down from the Regional Director position after ten years of service. I would like to thank Dick for his contributions over the years. Cindy Rose has been appointed to this important position. I have no doubt Cindy will do well in this position.

Please feel free to contact me (740-835-1925) at any time if you have ideas or constructive criticism. I look forward to a successful winter pitching season.
2017 World Report
Brian Fisher, 1st VP and Publicity Director
 The 2017 World Tournament was held July 17th through July 29th, 2017, in St. George, Utah. Ohio sent 21 pitchers. Ohio pitchers always do quite well at these events and this year was no exception. Of the 21 pitchers, 13 placed in the money. A few notable highlights are as follows: Delbert Fourman won Elder B2 with a 11.5-1.5 and 61.3%, just missing the finals by three ringers. Gary Roberts won Senior Men A with a 15-0 and 62.3%. Amy Francis won Women B with a 15-0 and 76.9%. Alan Francis won Men A1 with a 15-1 record and a 89.2%. In the Championships we had four pitchers: Gary Roberts place 2 nd with a 15-1 record and a 56.4%. Alex Francis placed 6 th with a 2-5 record and a 42.6%. Amy Francis placed 10 th with a 8-7 record and a 67.2%. Alan Francis won his 22 nd World Men’s title with a 15-0 record and a 90.4%. Congrats to all of our Ohio pitchers who served us well this year.

The 2018 World will be held in Florence, South Carolina from July 9th through July 22nd. An email with additional 2018 World info is coming soon.
The 2019 World will be held in Wichita Falls, TX.
Welcome New Members
Trevor Byers, Chillicothe
Forrest Fourman, Arcanum
Kathryn Hansen, Byesville
Leroy Harding, Chillicothe
Meggan Hartzog, Bowling Green
Fred Magnatta, Rarden
Bradley Norrod, Dayton
Joe Schneider, Bremen
Donald Smith, Springfield
Jeff Smith, Springfield
Philip Stevenson, Columbus
Bill Waugaman, Clyde
Ron Westhoven, Sugar Grove
Joe Wilt, Chillicothe
Ross Yocom, Cable

Myles Bowers, Bellefontaine
Scot Johnston, Delta
Michael Lallathin, Beallsville
Gary Shull, Hicksville
Ronald Wischmeyer, Lima
Proposed Bylaw Changes are due March 1, 2018
If you would like to submit any proposed Bylaw changes, please mail a written proposal to include: (1) the Bylaw location (Article, Section, Number/letter, page number); (2) the current wording; and (3) the proposed change of wording (underlined); and (4) reasons for this proposed change. All written proposals need to be mailed to OHPA, PO Box 475, Hilliard, OH 43026.

By Gary B. Roberts

Elmer Hohl of Canada won the 1977 World Horseshoe Tournament in Greenville, Ohio by defeating Glen Henton of Iowa in a playoff. As was the custom in those days there were 36 men in the Championship Class. The top five finishers were:
Elmer Hohl 84.91%
Glen Henton 83.21%
Al Zadroga 82.91%
Carl Steinfeldt 83.76%
Mark Seibold 82.88%

The amazing thing about this is that all of them except Elmer were left handed. This is the only World Tournament in which four of the top five finishers were left handed.
Secretary Notes 
Amy Miller, Secretary/Treasurer

It is hard to believe Winter and the holidays will be here very soon. I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting and promoting the great sport of horseshoe pitching. It has become very concerning to all of us that our membership is severely dwindling with each passing year. We would like to hear from you as to any thoughts or suggestions you may have as to how to get more pitchers to participate. If we don’t figure out something soon, horseshoe pitching will become a sport of the past.
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Tournament/League Directors : Please make sure to use the correct Sanction Number that has been assigned to your sanctioned tournament. At least one-third of all tournament results turned in for 2017 have had the wrong sanction number. Please be mindful in checking this information before turning in your results. If any of you would like to run a tournament/league on HS Master, please let me know.
Membership Dues have increased! As of October 1, 2017, your 2018 Sanction Card will cost $38.00.  This is due to an increase in the NHPA Dues which were approved at the 2017 World Convention.

Hope to see you on the courts!
HALL OF FAME Nominations are due March 1, 2018
2017 Ohio State Championships
2017 State Juniors / Cadets
Lauren Park (Girls Champ), Forrest Fourman, Bradley Norrod, Alex Francis (Boys Champ), Zander Potts, Kedan Mathews, Caiden Hogue (Cadet Champ), Ryan Fourman and Camreon Hogue (from left to right)

2017 Men's State Champion
5-0 average 87.79%
Alan Francis - Defiance

2017 Elder's State Champion
7-0 average 72.70%
Roy Dugger - West Carrollton

2017 Women's State Champion
5-0 average 73.74%
Amy Francis - Defiance
State Awards

Youngest Pitcher - Cameron Hogue, Adamsville (7 yrs old)
Oldest Pitcher - Bob Sheldon, Hilliard (88 yrs old)

Sportsmanship Award - Steve Mikesell, Lewisburg
Club of the Year - Darke Co Club, Greenville

Achievement Award - Dick Guill, Mansfield

Frances Asher Award - Randy Shoemaker, Londonderry

Tournament Directors of the Year - Carol and Fred Sanford, Chillicothe
Jim Knisley Traveling Award - Harvey Strausbaugh, Rock Creek

Hall of Fame - C.C. Davis, Columbus

State Convention : Thanks to everyone for the food donations to help with the convention refreshments!

50/50 Saturday's drawing was won by Darrin Potts - Lewisville
50/50 Sunday's drawing was won by Martin Russell - London

Silent Auction:  The Auction was again a big success!! A total of $742 was donated to the Hall of Fame. A special thanks to Don Honeyman, John Knapp, Fran Salyers, Lucky Shoe Pro Shop, Darke County Horseshoe Club and the OHPA Officers for their donations.

50 year
Paul Rohrs, Stryker

40 year
Jack Baldwin, Hilliard

30 year
John Hawk, Chillicothe
Larry Shaw Sr, Coshocton

20 year
Bill Carter, Westerville
John Green, Zanesville
Dwain Klink, Elida
Steve Mikesell, Lewisburg
Tonja Pettit, Kenton
Steve Sabins, Bryan
Tom Winland, Lewisville
Michael Young, Lebanon
10 year
Myles Bowers, Bellefontaine
Larry Edmiston, Columbus Grove
Wayne Fausey, Fostoria
John Franko, Springfield
Ernie Hockinberry, Columbus
John Hooper, Belpre
Linda Kahrig, Woodsfield
Karen Kanner, Hamilton
Heath Poth, Hicksville
Francis Potts, Hannibal
Jerry Prater, Kenton
Chad Randolph, East Palestine
Fred Steitz, Dayton
Norm Tracy, Huntsville
David Hampton, Ripley

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Portable Court Donators
Thank You for Your Support!

Tom King, Chillicothe
Darke County Horseshoe Club, Greenville
Randy Shoemaker, Chillicothe
Ross County Horseshoe Club, Chillicothe
Greene County Horseshoe Club, Xenia
Ray Welsh, Louisville
Bremen Horseshoe Club, Bremen
Hershel McCollister, Frankfort
Dan Sanders, Powell
Irvin Fraley, Vermillion
Harry Menegay, Sterling
Harley Thomas, Bremen
Fulton County Horseshoe Club, Wauseon
Whetstone Horseshoe Club, Columbus
Dick and Dianna Guill, Mansfield
Hilliard Horseshoe Club. Hilliard
Ron Cook, Chillicothe
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