Ohio Horseshoe Newsletter - Spring 2018 
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Volume 20, Issue 1 - Spring 2018
Amy Miller, Editor
2018 NHPA World Tournament
July 9-21, 2018 - Florence, SC
Entry Deadline -- May 14, 2018

Will Ohio have the Most World Entries??
As of April 20, 2018, Ohio is currently leading ALL states with 34 Entries. Florida is close behind with 31 Entries. Please encourage others to enter so Ohio pitchers will dominate
participation at the 2018 World!!

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President's Message
By: Gary B. Roberts
The summer horseshoe season is rapidly approaching. I have been patiently awaiting anything that resembles warm weather. I am looking forward to a successful tournament schedule.

All of our members will want to know how last year’s dues increase will benefit our sport. The first thing you will see is a new, professional NHPA website. Many of our members feel this is necessary to increase membership. You will also learn that HS Master will be updated and rewritten. The current version will become unusable if this is not completed. Kurt Whaley will be completing this extensive project. Efforts will also be made to provide incentives for new members. Stopping the decline in membership has to be the priority on state and national levels. Another major emphasis will be securing sponsorship. This will not be easy.

I have had several pitchers tell me they are attending the World Tournament for the first time this year. Ohio will be well represented in Florence, South Carolina. I believe we will have another great tournament this year. If you go, please plan to attend the Hall of Fame Banquet on Sunday, July 15 th .

The 7 th Annual Hall of Fame Invitational Tournament will be held on May 5 th and 6 th in Wentzville, Missouri at the National Hall of Fame facility. The top 16 pitchers in both the 40’ and 30’ Divisions will face off in a very competitive two days of pitching. I have the privilege of pitching in the 40’ Division. I may not win a single game, but I will have the honor of sharing the courts with the greatest pitchers. Those who have never visited the Hall of Fame should do so if they have the opportunity.

I also had the honor of participating in the Rita Sarbaugh Memorial Tournament on April 7 th in Adamsville. There were over 40 participants and great competition. I would like to thank Elden Sarbaugh, Larry and Julia Shaw and all of the other Try-County Club members who contributed to the success of this tournament. I would especially like to thank Stan and Donna Dodson for keeping score for the entire day. Ottie Reno celebrated his 89 th birthday by participating in this tournament. It was great to see both Ottie and Jennifer back on the courts. Ottie has now been a NHPA member for 62 consecutive years.

As we enter into the 2018 pitching season, we must come up with new ideas to attract members. At the State Tournament, we added the Doubles Division which has been successful. We then added the Friday Night Warm-Up Tournament that has been popular. Because of this, a pitcher can get credit for three sanctioned tournaments in one weekend. I have been considering having a Sanctioned League State Championship. I will be talking with members and officers about this potential.

I would welcome any suggestions, concerns or new ideas. You may contact me at any time at 740-835-1925. Stay positive and keep throwing ringers!

In past years, all pitchers had to qualify to pitch in the World Tournament. The qualification consisted of throwing 200 shoes by yourself. A scorekeeper sat on each end of the court and recorded the scores. Very seldom did you see a measurement take place. Many feel that the scorekeepers in some instances were very liberal in calling the close ones as ringers. Upon completion of the qualification, only the top 100 pitchers were allowed to pitch in Class A, B, or C.

At the 1962 World Tournament in Greenville, Ohio, the legendary Floyd Toole of Pine Bluff, Arkansas was struggling during qualification and ended up tied for the 36 th spot of the Men’s Championship Division with Ralph Lackey of Ohio. At that time, there were always 36 men in the Championship Class. It was everyone’s dream to get into this group.

Since Floyd and Ralph were tied, the Tournament Director (TD) decided that whoever had the most ringers would get the coveted 36 th spot. Unfortunately, both participants had the same number of ringers. The TD then decided that whoever had the most doubles would get the spot. Again, both pitchers had the same number of doubles!

The TD then decided to require Floyd and Ralph to pitch an additional 50 shoes to determine who would get into the Championship Class. Floyd was still at the courts but Ralph was nowhere to be found. It was finally determined that Ralph had gone to his hotel and was asleep. An official woke Ralph up and informed him that he would have to return to the courts and pitch 50 additional shoes. This could not wait because tournament officials had to get schedules printed with the names of the Championship Class.

Ralph was unable to equal Floyd’s score and was relegated to Class B. Floyd finished 16 th in the Championship Class with an average of 78.5%.
Secretary Notes

The OHPA’s membership continues to decline each year. We are currently in search of potential “Horseshoe Helpers” throughout Ohio. We all need to do our part to help promote horseshoes. Suggested abilities are as follows (not all are required):  enthusiastic about pitching horseshoes and finding new members; the use of email, Word, Excel, HS Master, Constant Contact; drafting and/or circulating press releases/flyers; updating website(s); and pursuing grants and/or sponsorship. If you are interested in helping promote horseshoes, please contact me and I will send you an application.

Thank you to our officers and tournament directors who work really hard throughout the year to promote our great sport!! I look forward to seeing everyone on the courts for another season of horseshoe pitching!

Amy Miller, Secretary/Treasurer
Welcome New Members
Clayton Carpenter, Adamsville
Doug Davisson, Tiffin
Don Epps, West Liberty
Eric Jones, Cambridge
Larry Lautenschleger, Canal Winchester
Larry Manns, Kenton
Nick Prusovic, Parma
Ed Rismiller, Greenville
Dave Russell, Dola
Donald White, Franklin
Carl Yeager, Newton Falls
Levi Yoder, Coshocton
Bob Baker, Lima
Mark Beach, Zanesville
Thomas Hosler, Maumee
Owen Lewis, Heath
Betty Mohler, Zanesville
Roger Roberts, Elyria
Richard Schneider, Lima
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Portable Court Donators
Thank you for your Support!!

Tom King, Chillicothe
Darke County Horseshoe Club, Greenville
Randy Shoemaker, Chillicothe
Ross County Horseshoe Club, Chillicothe
Greene County Horseshoe Club, Xenia
Ray Welsh, Louisville
Bremen Horseshoe Club, Bremen
Hershel McCollister, Frankfort
Dan Sanders, Powell
Irvin Fraley, Vermillion
Harry Menegay, Sterling
Harley Thomas, Bremen
Fulton County Horseshoe Club, Wauseon
Whetstone Horseshoe Club, Columbus
Dick and Dianna Guill, Mansfield
Hilliard Horseshoe Club. Hilliard
Ron Cook, Chillicothe
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